Author Clare Whitfield

Poor Girls

Coming this November!

We were never destined to have anything—so you know what we did?
We took it anyway.

1922. 20-year-old Eleanor Mackridge is horrified by the future mapped out for her—to serve the upper classes or find a man to marry (preferably kind). She ‘proved useful’ working in a munitions factory during the war—handling explosives—but now, society is returning to normal and women are being put back in their place.

But Eleanor has never paid attention to what society expects of her. When she crosses paths with a member of the notorious female-led gang the Forty Elephants, she is in awe of these bold women who wear diamonds and fur, drink champagne and gin, who take what they want without asking. Now, she sees a new future for herself: she can serve, marry—or steal.

After all, men will only let you down. Diamonds are forever.

In Poor Girls, Clare Whitfield exposes the criminal underbelly of 1920s London—but this isn’t a morality tale, it’s an adventure for the willingly wicked.

Published by Head of Zeus (7 Nov. 2024)